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Mini Detail

Perfect to get give your car a nice refresh. Starting at $135

  • Starting at $135
  • J & A Auto Salon

Service Description

With our Mini Detail we will hand wash your vehicle with care while getting into the hard to get nooks and crannies. The Mini Detail gets your car looking like you just bought it again, or if you just purchased from a private party and would like your car to start fresh. The Mini Detail is a great option. Once we get inside the cabin we Vacume and use cleaner on all the touchable surfaces. The trunk also doesn't get missed. More info: -We add exterior paint coat of wax to help protect the paint for the next month -Quick vacuum of the interior -Designed for nicely kept vehicles -If it has been years since your last detail or mini detail we recommend an interior detail + Exterior Wash Mini Detail (Ultimate Wash Exterior & Interior + Wax) Sedan: $135 Wagon: $145 Compact SUV: $150 Full Size SUV: $160 Truck/Van: $170 XL/Lifted Vehicle: $210 *Cost & Duration of work will be dependant on vehicle & existing condition. All pricing is before sales tax

Contact Details

  • 13600 NE Spring Blvd, Bellevue, WA, USA


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