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Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing in Bellevue, WA | King County Motorcycle Detailing Service

Your bike needs regular motorcycle detailing in King County, WA much the same as your truck or car needs a complete auto detailing. Only problem is, you might not have the expertise or the available time in your busy work schedule to take on this much needed chore. All motorcycles are different and require different amounts of considerable attention to detail in order to keep the same showroom condition as when it was new. Most Harley Davidson motorcycles have more chrome than other types of bikes that require regular polishing and J&A Auto Salon motorcycle detailing services in Bellevue, WA in order to maintain the shine. Some other bikes might have more paint and much the same as an automobile needs to be waxed and buffed. Because it can result in a slip and fall accident, we never use tire shine on your motorcycle’s tires. In order to reduce any water spots and the motorcycle’s engine running smoothly we always completely blow out all of the water once the bike has been washed.

J&A Auto Salon has detailed all different motorcycle brands and styles in King County, WA. The J&A Auto Salon motorcycle detailing service in Bellevue, WA starts with a thorough wash to ensure all areas of the bike are clean and free of bugs, tar, and rubber. Then, all painted surfaces receive a clay bar treatment to remove the dirt below the surface of the paint and reveal the truest color of the paint. Next, all swirls and fine scratches on painted surfaces are polished to ensure a swirl-free finish. On heavily chromed motorcycles, such as Harley Davidson cruisers, we polish all chrome finishes and aluminum to a very high luster to provide the best appearance possible. Finally, all surfaces will be treated with a durable ultra high-quality wax to preserve the beautiful finish.


J&A Auto Salon performs our motorcycle detailing on any and every kind of motorcycle in Bellevue, WA. These motorcycles include everything from Slingshots, Spyders, Choppers, Harley Davidson to GSXR. Here our some of the things you can expect with some of our motorcycle detailing services in King County, WA:

  • Hand foam wash
  • Blow dry
  • Clean and apply a premium conditioner to all vinyl and leather
  • Premium hand wax all metal and chrome on the bottom and the sides of the motorcycle
  • Saddle bags removed if applicable in order to clean behind them
  • Mirrors and windshield cleaned
  • Fenders, windshield, gas tank, and saddle bags will be buffed out as required
  • Wheels will be cleaned, waxed, and polished
  • Compound and polish all chrome
  • Engine degreased

If you don’t see a motorcycle detailing package that fits your service or budget requirements, please give J&A Auto Salon in Belleview, WA a call and we will put together a package that meets your needs. Have any questions? Give us a call or click the link below to schedule your detailing appointment right from your cell phone or computer. Once your request has been entered, one of our King County, WA team members will call you shortly after to confirm your detailing appointment.


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